‚ÄčAs a family-owned and operated business, SBC Facility Services was founded and incorporated in 1982 SBC started out as Sprucegrove Building Cleaners with just one employee and one contract. The company has since evolved into SBC Facility Services, a major facility services provider in Atlantic Canada.

With a broad range of services throughout the Maritimes, including commercial office cleaning, electrostatic disinfection, construction cleanup, and much more, we serve and manage properties throughout the region.  

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in all of our contracts and we are committed to implementing the "Best Green Practices". Going green may present a challenge, but it is a goal we are striving for.

SBC Facility Services was the first janitorial company in Eastern Canada to bring in the Taski Intellibot Robotic auto-scrubbing to help our team and clients in providing superior cleaning while managing and controlling costs.  SBC Facility Services has invested heavily into ElectroStatic Machines, we carry different electrostatic sprayers for every task. (EG, Cordless handhelds, Cordless Backpacks, wheel units). We believe in investing in our machines to provide quality, security and the most innovative and cost efficient ways for our clients. 

At SBC we have a Preventative Maintenance Program which helps eliminate unscheduled downtime and costly repairs by securing the services of industry trained technicians and companies to maintain our equipment throughout the Maritimes.

First, we begin with continuous training for all supervisors, and their employees, based on the most up to date sanitary practices for appropriate use of cleaning products, pouring systems, as well as, the latest cleaning methods; our goal is to offer the best environmentally friendly practices.

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Protecting the environment today and for the future is of primary concern to SBC Facility Services and employees.  We work closely with our suppliers in finding and properly using "green" products. In fact, these practices reduce operation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, SBC's equipment selection is aligned with those standards; most of the equipment we use is Green Label certified. To reduce the impact on the environment and address health concerns, we educate our staff on the proper use of our equipment. We prioritize safety and indoor air quality

In addition to essential and adequate training, we use  environmentally friendly products so that our building cleaning is done in the most environmentally friendly fashion.
These products help maintain a clean environment, reduce the amount of refuse and result in better maintenance of the buildings.