SAFETY & TRAINING - Better trained to better serve you!

Safety Certified Audits
SBC Facility Services retains the services of OHES yearly to provide an approved audit and certification of our companies' safety program. A Safety Certified accreditation is issued to our company yearly for having passed an independent audit of our health and safety management systems. Our Workplaces are measured across 22 elements including management commitment, training, inspections, hazard assessments, safe work practices and procedures. Being WCB Safety Certified shows our clients and staff that we have an effective system in place to prevent worker injury and ensuring we follow Federal, Provincial and industry regulations.
In addition to W.H.M.I.S. and Occupational Health & Safety training, each employee is properly trained on all tasks before reporting to a new worksite. They are trained on all important duties for every building in which they are working. Then, a product information session shows proper procedures on how to apply and handle all cleaning products
Every employee is required to undergo the W.H.M.I.S. and Occupational Health & Safety training.  This is done in-house and/or from a qualified supplier representative and addresses proper application of cleaning products, handling procedures, and proper safety techniques.  Yearly refresher training is also conducted by our company supervisors and/or the products supplier.

Our Safety Committee is comprised of supervisors and staff from all through the Maritime Provinces, this ensures that Sprucegrove Building Cleaners remains on top of W.H.M.I.S. regulations.