First, we begin with continuous training for all supervisors, and their employees, based on the most up to date sanitary practices for appropriate use of cleaning products, pouring systems, as well as, the latest cleaning methods; our goal is to offer the best environmentally friendly practices.
In addition to essential and adequate training, we use cleaning products, paper management systems and microfiber cleaning methods that are the most environmentally friendly so that our building cleaning is done in an environmentally friendly fashion. Those products help maintain a clean environment, reduce the amount of refuse flowing the drain system and result in better maintenance of the buildings. In fact, these practices reduce operation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, Sprucegrove’s equipment selection is aligned with those standards; most of the equipment we use is Green Label certified.

Protecting the environment today and for the future is of primary concern to SBC Facility Services and employees.  We work closely with our suppliers in finding and properly using "green" products.

We train our employees in the use of these products to lower their environmental impact.  This helps in addressing health issues, safety and indoor air quality.  We strive to implement the "Best Green Practices" in all our contracts. Trying to go green can be an intimidating process. The most daunting aspect may be finding a contractor who understands and can accommodate your environmental concerns.


Environmentally Friendly

Founded and incorporated in 1982 in New Brunswick, SBC Facility Services started out as Sprucegrove Building Cleaners with just one employee and one contract. The company has since grown into SBC Facility Services, a Major High Quality Facility Service company in Atlantic Canada over the last 40 years.

Servicing and managing properties throughout the Maritimes, we cover a broad service listing including commercial janitorial, snow removal, landscaping, waste management, pest control, building maintenance, building inspection programs such as fire and safety, managing, assisting and coordinating professional trades personnel (electricians, plumbers, HVAC, painters, carpenters, etc.).  We also oversee such maintenance as fluorescent bulb replacements and ballast light fixture repairs, painting and general maintenance repairs to name a few.